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It goes without saying how important a website is today. Gone are the days when people sifted through the yellow pages of a big, thick phone book to find a business or a lawyer.

Now when people need to look for a business or firm, then go to Google or even to social media. With all that being said, if your law firm doesn’t have a website, then you practically don’t exist…

Regardless of whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or 20 minutes, a website is important.
Read on to learn five reasons why a good website design is important for your law firm :

1. Responsive – Today, simply having a website up and running isn’t enough; you need to have a website that is responsive…and that works for you. What do we mean by “responsive”?

In today’s digital society, we rely on phones, tablets, and other devices to look up information, access social media, and surf the web. But not all websites are “built” for mobile devices to read them correctly.

Therefore, when a user clicks on your website while using their phone, the website is a jumbled mess. Do you think that user is going to go back to your website after that experience? Probably not. Next time they will click on your competitor’s site…

This is one reason why having mobile-friendly, responsive website design is important for a law firm.

2. Conversions – Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could generate and nurture leads and even close leads all with your website? Well, we have good news…because with the right website, you can.

Having a well designed and attractive website is the first step, but having a website that boosts conversions is the second step. A well built website will have forms, gated content, and special landing pages for offers all to generate leads.

3. First Impressions Matter – One of the first things you learn whether you are going for an interview for your first job or trying to land that huge account, the business world is all about first impressions.

The same goes for attracting clients and customers. Having a well built and solid website design will show your clients you mean business…

4. Online Reputations – Not only do you have to think about the reputation of your business or law firm when clients walk through the door, you also have your online reputation to think of.

This is another reason why making sure that the contact information—such as your phone number, address, location, and so on—are all correct and easy to find on your website.

This information can also be found on other areas of the web. Therefore, having consistent information on all areas of the web is important for your online reputation.

5. Drive Traffic and Results – While sitting and thinking about why you need a good web design for your business for firm, and how you are going to make it happen, ret assured that your website will do more for you than just drive you crazy… A good web design will drive traffic, leads, new case intake, and results.

These are just five reasons why having a good website design matters for business—although the list is really endless. You can also check out some of the reasons why a good web design matters for your business or law firm here.

All in all, a good website design is a good investment, and will save you time and money down the road—especially if you decide to work with a legal marketing firm.

Contact the team at Orange Spot Legal today to learn more about how we can help you launch a well designed website for your firm, and how we can help get you found online.

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