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If you have been trying to market your firm or solo practice for some time, then you are probably frustrated with marketing. You’ve tried billboards on the highway, TV commercials, newspaper ads, and maybe you have a website that is just a glorified version of your AVVO profile but doesn’t convert.

At the end of the day, you’re frustrated.
Finding “The One”

You might think of working with a marketing agency is like online dating. You are probably groaning just reading about it. Who has time to deal with that nonsense? But then you meet a real marketing agency; “the one” who you can’t live without, and who will truly change your life.

You want to find that marketing program that is your one true love. “The One” that you’re truly passionate about, and “the one” that just really works for you.

Well, we are going to play a little matchmaker and show you a few reasons why you will probably fall in love with affordable legal marketing.

Convert: A good and affordable legal marketing program shouldn’t be overly expensive, it shouldn’t play “hard to get”, and it should show real results that work for you. A good legal marketing program helps convert visitors to your website into real, loyal clients.

Commitment: A legal marketing program also takes commitment. No, you won’t see results overnight, but by committing to make a change to better your law firm, and committing to embracing content and SEO best practices, you are bound to begin converting clients in ways you never thought possible. Commit to success and excellence with a legal marketing program built just for you.

It will change your life: A good legal marketing program will change your life. It will help you to grow your firm and reach its goals—all at an affordable and competitive price. A good legal marketing program should be affordable and within reach. After all, any relationship is a two-way street.

Show some love back: Now that we’ve talked about ways that a solid legal marketing program can work for your firm, let’s talk about the ways it can work for your clients.

By showing your clients some love via a compelling and attractive legal website design, by boosting your firm’s brand and image over social media, and even “delighting” your clients, you are showing your clients love, and we are willing to bet they are going to show your firm some love in return.

They say sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find “the one”. Well, the same can be said for marketing.

You have likely tried a few different marketing approaches or even partnered with a few different agencies, all to end up frustrated and without a great legal marketing partner.

With a solid and affordable legal marketing program, the opportunities for success are endless. Growing your firm, establishing an online reputation and credibility, and boosting your brand have never been easier. With a “partner” in marketing, you no longer have to go at it alone…

Affordable Legal Marketing: Love at First Click

To learn more about how we can help you with a legal marketing program that works and is affordable for your firm, contact the marketing team at Orange Spot Legal today, and we will show you why you are bound to fall in love with us at first click.

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